Appellate Victories Still Exist for Dedicated Immigration AttorneyAppellate Victories Still Exist for Dedicated Immigration Attorney

By:  The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

This year has seen fear and uncertainty spread across this country for immigrant communities everywhere like never before as President Trump and his administration continue ramp up on immigration enforcement and further expose the failures of our already broken immigration system.

Many wonder whether all is lost in the quest for improvement in the immigration landscape. Is there any glimpse of hope for the immigrant communities and who can they turn to, let alone trust in such uncertain times?

Amongst a sea of sharks one trustworthy name comes to mind for times such as these—Glenn Fogle, founder of The Fogle Law Firm, LLC.

Having just won yet another immigration appeal in the infamously unfriendly Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which makes 3 in the last few months, Glenn Fogle has proven there are a few good warriors left not allowing Trump’s war on immigration to deter them from fighting the good fight and bringing home victories in the process.

Fogle, the principal member and founder of The Fogle Law Firm is not your typical immigration attorney. An immigrant advocate, who also serves as legal director for The Immigration Education Project has dedicated the last 26 years to assisting the immigrant community in a multitude of ways in and outside the courtroom.

Fogle and the boutique law firm he heads not only have a stellar reputation in the arena of Immigration Litigation, but also a proven track record of success that speaks of the dedication and passion the firm possesses to make sure its clients have the best possible representation in such a complex part of U.S. law.

The Fogle Law Firm under Fogle’s leadership has relentlessly made achieving results for its clients in the face of overwhelming adversity the highest priority. With arguably one of the best appellate win rates in the country it is safe to say Glenn Fogle and his team are a part of that group of professionals who are actually able hold the powerful Department of Homeland Security accountable.

“I started practicing immigration law because I wanted to really help people and truly make a difference in their lives,” said Fogle,  “An esteemed colleague once told me a number of years back that I would never win an immigration case in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals—the next year I had three published precedent cases in that circuit.  When the cases you argue and fight for become case law, you not only make a difference for your client, you also help all the others after that in the same situation.”

Fogle has gone on to win two more published immigration cases and numerous other unpublished decisions in the Eleventh Circuit and other various U.S. Courts of Appeal around the country.

With Trump and his administration focused on making immigration harder in America the immigrant community needs people it can count on in these uncertain times. Glenn Fogle and the Fogle Law Firm with their nationwide reach seem like a good place as any to start.