Congress Prepares for Bitter PartisanCongress Prepares for Bitter Partisan Clash in December

 By:  The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

As we approach the end of President Donald Trump’s first year in office there is much to evaluate as Congress prepares for a brewing battle that could have disastrous results for the U.S government which will culminate in December.

There are so many things that have caused a great division this past year throughout the country. There is much that will be critical for Congress to figure out a peaceful solution for to avoid a government shutdown.

Issues deriving from the new administration’s stance on immigration are arguably at the forefront of this impeding battle. A big part of this is Trump’s infamous border wall that’s been a part of Trump’s agenda since he realized he could get cheers and chants from the crowds at his campaign rallies. There is also the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that was recently cancelled by the Trump administration with no current replacement putting these young people at risk who were previously protected from deportation.

“To add insult to injury, Trump has of late decided to use the renewal of the DACA program as a means to force funding for his infamous border wall. These types of hostile governmental moves could easily assist with creating a government shutdown this December,” said Glenn Fogle, principal member and founder of the Fogle Law Firm.

What also should alarm us is to remember Trumps bold move back in May as reported by Bloomberg Politics:

                  “The wall fight alone could lead to a government shutdown. Trump upped the ante by saying in May that a ‘good shutdown’ may be necessary to win approval of $1.6 billion he wants to fund the wall. The money is in the House and Senate draft spending bills for Homeland Security, meaning it will be on the table in any omnibus negotiations.”

We also have the battles involving health-care subsidies, Planned Parenthood and storm relief that our divided Congress must act on. As December draws nearer we can only hope that because Senate Democrats have leverage due to the requirements needed for passage of a spending bill. The current majority lead is not enough for the Republicans to have dominance over the impeding proceedings.