WARNER ROBINS — An illegal immigrant at the center of a battle over a $750,000 winning Georgia lottery ticket — and a criminal case over alleged terroristic threats — faces a deportation hearing this week.

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Besides attorneys handling his criminal and civil cases, Cua-Toc now has another attorney to handle his immigration case: Julio E. Moreno of the Fogle Law Firm’s Atlanta office. The firm specializes in immigration law.

“He’s facing removal,” Moreno said. “We’re trying to find a way to fight it.”

Moreno is seeking a continuance of Tuesday’s hearing. But should the hearing proceed and the deportation order be granted, Moreno said he has a 30-day window to appeal.

Also, Moreno said he expects he’ll have about two months in all to work on Cua-Toc’s case before a deportation order could be carried out.

Cua-Toc, a native of Guatemala, entered the country illegally in 2000, Moreno said.

One avenue Moreno is trying is a U-Visa, which he said may be issued for victims of crimes. According to Moreno, Cua-Toc was actually a victim of theft by Erick Cervantes. But Cua-Toc failed to file a report with a law enforcement agency, and Moreno said he is attempting to remedy that.

A U-Visa would allow Cua-Toc to temporarily stay in the U.S. and place him on track to get his green card for permanent residence within a few years, Moreno said.

Fogle Law Firm attorney on MSNBC national show Jansing and Co. interviewed about Mr. Cua-Toc, our client who won the lottery and his ticket was stolen by his boss.