Posted August 21. 2012 9:00PM

A sad future separated from his family by half a world could have begun Tuesday for Eddy Eddyto.

With help from high levels, the future changed.

Both a Republican and a Democratic congressman came to Eddyto’s aide. The nation’s secretary of Homeland Security heard of his case. Hundreds of letters came to the White House. Thousands of prayers were offered. A YouTube video hit the Internet.

On Saturday night, papers delivered by e-mail to his Pekin home let Eddyto step, possibly forever, from the doorway of deportation back to his native Indonesia, a nation he deems too dangerous for his American wife and children.

Eddyto, 36, is now back on the path to U.S. citizenship that had disappeared in a maze of lawyer fraud, legal denials and a decade of dwindling hope.