I.E.P answers call for dutyImmigration Education Project answers the call for Duty

By:  The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

Esperanza Cristancho, like so many focused and determined immigrants who sought to come to America in search of a better life for herself and her family, has an amazing story.

She comes from Bogota, Colombia where she grew up in a cultural household where she was not always allowed to be free spirited to make her own decisions. That quickly changed as she could not be contained nor defined to what may have been the norm back then for a woman coming up in the streets of Colombia. She attended law school and decided 16 years ago to migrate to the U.S to further her education and determine her career path.

After a brief stint as a business owner, she became to seek out a work that would allow her to put her passion and expertise to use as an immigration specialist. Having spent over 10 years in the legal field now helping thousands of individuals and families from all over settle here and start their own paths to achieving the American dream, she’s answering a new calling—what she believes has always been her true passion.

She has, with a group of carefully sought-after individuals, started a unique non-profit organization, The Immigration Education Project. “I strongly believe that vital knowledge must be equally distributed and it is our responsibility to deliver and offer access to the communities that need reliable sources of information and representation. Thus, my vision for the Immigration Education Project, is to open effective channels of networks to immigrants to make a difference in their communities and let them thrive in the U.S through specific programs such as legal assistance, practical training and guidance to their local programs where they can receive safe assistance among other things.”

What may not be immediately noticed is the diversified approach she has taken. She hasn’t just focused on the immigrant communities in general, The Immigration Education Project also has directed its focus on vulnerable groups within the immigrant community such as the LGBT immigrants and domestic violence victims, leaving nobody nor group behind.

Top Atlanta immigration attorney and founder of the Fogle Law Firm, Glenn Fogle has made it his business to offer his legal services and expertise to the organization in a major way by joining as legal director.

“I may not be able to help everybody as it is no secret hiring a good immigration lawyer is not cheap, but I have such a distaste for how some of these immigrant families are treated by our government that I cannot stand by and do nothing. My goal is to help as many as I can take on, on a consistent basis while educating as many other volunteers I can that will further the agenda on the legal front. I believe The Immigration Education Project has shown us with its diversified approach that we have more in common than we think. The LBGT community faces issues not only abroad but right here in America. This further illustrates that there is power and a great benefit to the collective through unity and finding the basic solution to being able to safely coexist together regardless of our personal views,” said Fogle, sounding like he has truly developed the compassion for the non-profit sector.

The Immigration Education Project is still in its developing stages but has already began working in the community while getting things together to better serve communities throughout the country. Be sure to check out www.immigrationeducation.org for updates and to stay aware and above all, educated. We are looking forward to IEP joining the array of non-profit companies that truly want to bring about positive change in America.