Immigration Agents Loose in New York CityImmigration Agents Loose in New York City

 By:  The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

Yesterday saw another victory take place for New York City in its response to Trump and his administration’s war on immigration.

In an effort to keep federal agents from using city resources the New York City Council voted unanimously to a bill that would prevent local police from assisting federal agents in the tracking and apprehension of illegal immigrants in the city.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has repeatedly threatened New York that its continued efforts to move against cooperating with the proposals of Trump’s administration would result in loss of federal grants deemed critical for local law enforcement.

“The city already cooperates with ICE on its own terms through [current] laws,” said city council member Rafael Espinal, a bill co-sponsor, according to the New York Post. “Any broader or formal arrangement would erode public trust in law enforcement and city agencies. It would also waste local taxpayer dollars.”

Needless to say, regardless of warnings or threats, the city council is expected to pass this proposed bill. New York City has been a long-standing opponent against enforcing federal immigration law, which is the job and purview of the Department of Homeland Security and not the NYPD.

Glenn Fogle, founder and principal member of The Fogle Law Firm believe New York’s latest answer to Trumps aggressive immigration stance speaks for a lot of America.

“Whether reported or not, or whether they have the necessary power and/or support to respond as New York has, I wholeheartedly believe that there are thousands of cities all over this country that feel as New York does. This current administration has shown they cannot be entrusted with ensuring everyone’s best interest. More and more we see an administration focused on a very specific individuals’ agenda and that’s not what will make this country great or even better for that matter,” said Fogle.