H. Glenn Fogle, Jr - The Fogle Law Firm, LLCArticle By: H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Principal Member of The Fogle Law Firm, LLC.

Immigration Reform on the Horizon? We have been watching the prospects of Immigration Reform for the last several months and now the Senate version of immigration reform is on the floor of the Senate up for a vote in the very near future.  The Senate test vote was 67-27 for the bill which is almost where supporters wanted it to be with a goal of 70 votes for the bill.  As an Atlanta based immigration attorney for over 22 years my observations are, the Senate will clearly pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill by a large majority.  The tricky part of CIR actually becoming reality will be in the House of Representatives.

The problem with the House is that it is a Republican majority with a very loud minority of Republican Congressmen who are either afraid of losing their seats because of their xenophobic/anti-immigrant constituents or who are simply xenophobic/anti-immigrant themselves.  Even though a bill could pass in the House of Representatives with full or near full Democratic support and a minority of Republican support, various powerful Republican Congressmen have threatened to dethrone House Speaker John Boehner if he brought a bill to the floor of the House without a majority of Republican membership support.

Recent polls indicate that almost 70% of Americans, including a distinct majority of Republicans favor legalization of the estimated 11 million plus undocumented workers in the United States.  The Congressional Budget Office has calculated the huge impact CIR and legalization of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will have in reducing the deficit and aid cash starved government coffers both Federal and State.  American businesses, including hi-tech, blue collar, service, construction and agricultural industries cannot fill the available positions without immigrant workers.  Top economists, businessmen and corporate leaders from all sides of the fence have called for immigration reform and a sane immigration system that makes sense for our twenty-first century America.  The number of new businesses and the economic impact and power of new immigrants in our country goes without saying (Google, etc.).  Economic forces and the tides of inevitability are far more powerful than the desperate machinations of those who want to keep our county in the past.  Immigration Reform in the United States will happen and we will see that it will ignite one of the greatest periods of prosperity in our history.