More Warnings for President Donald TrumpMore Warnings for President Donald Trump

By: The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

It may come as no surprise that there has been another round of serious grievances and warnings directed towards our Reality Show President and his administration. The Trump administration has announced its new travel restrictions that updates the President’s previous travel ban that was tied up in court and expired on September 24, 2017.

Horrible timing does not seem to be an appropriate term when one looks at the fact this new unveiling comes as the Supreme Court was awaiting to hear arguments next month on the legality of the earlier version of this travel ban. The highest court in the country has now cancelled arguments on the challenges to the legality and constitutionality of the previous travel ban.

As if the first travel ban was not insane enough, the new policy which would be phased in next month, affects eight countries, including now non-Muslim majority nations like Venezuela and North Korea. The previous order consisted of six Muslim only territories for 90 days. The length of the ban is another factor changed—it has been upgraded to indefinitely.

This new immigration policy varies by country to a small degree. Entry into the US would be broadly suspended for most of the nations mentioned, and travelers from some of the countries would be subjected to increased vetting. The immediate warnings are coming from the likes of organizations such The American Chemical Society (ACS). They are worried that such actions may harm scientific exchanges among researchers and students worldwide.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and organizations representing research universities have joined in the sharing concerns as they were with the previous ban policy. “The Trump administration’s actions on immigration and visas – most recently the September 24th White House proclamation – continue to have a chilling effect on students and scientists who seek to work and collaborate with their peers in the United States,” said Rush Holt, the AAAS’s chief executive. “Scientific progress depends on openness, transparency and the free flow of ideas.”

Holt isn’t alone is his stern views on the policies, the president of the Association of American universities, Mary Sue Coleman, has also joined in the array of warnings against Donald Trump and the White House actions. She is quoted saying it could “create uncertainty” for those pursuing higher education in the US, this could threaten the country’s economic competitiveness and global leadership status.

Atlanta immigration attorney, Glenn Fogle, has been fighting the war against immigration for over 26 years. Having founded The Fogle Law Firm where he has completed dedicated himself to serving the immigrant community, has many grievances and warnings for Trump and his Administration. On the matter of global education, having experienced education on multiple continents Glenn has first-hand knowledge of the impact a global collaborative relationship is for the United States. “Diversity and openness in the education market creates the foundation for the world’s greatest ideas to be born.” States Fogle, “These collaborative ideas have all but reshaped humanity just in the last two decades while steady moving at alarming rate.”

He further expressed the following concern, “The Trump Administration’s policies of exclusion, insulation and territorialism in a world that is increasingly dependent on the free flow of people and ideas seriously threatens the U.S. involvement in such collaboration and endangers our position in the world to be able to attract the best and brightest minds.”