Sanctuary Cities Victories ContinueSanctuary Cities Victories Continue

By: The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

We all have been watching as Donald Trump and his administration continue to incite his war on immigration. Over the past few weeks Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have conducted raids on immigrants living in Sanctuary Cities.

The raids were clearly the Trump Administration’s answer to the push-back from various cities and jurisdictions that felt that Trump and his administration were crossing constitutional lines by attempting to force State and local authorities to enforce federal immigration laws.  This is obvious from the recent rhetoric emanating from the President and the Justice Department using the blackmail tactic of withholding community policing funds from jurisdictions that refuse to enforce federal law.

“More and more we are seeing the President and his Administration repeatedly use force and threats to get his point across,” said Los Angeles Immigration attorney Glenn Fogle. “Somehow he apparently believes this method of leadership is going to help America better or ‘great again’ as he claimed throughout his campaign.”

A Federal Judge in Chicago has given the immigrant community a little more hope that they are not alone in their quest for fairness. Federal U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber has recently denied a request by the U.S. Department of Justice to lift a freeze on a Trump administration policy that would withhold public safety grants to so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to go along with his tougher stance on immigration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions argued it was wrong to apply the order nationally in a lawsuit filed by Chicago. He said the injunction should only have been applied to Chicago and not the whole country. But Leinenweber said in his ruling last Friday that “rule of law is undermined” if the Justice Department would be allowed to continue very likely unconstitutional conduct in other cities throughout the country and therefore ordered that the nationwide stay remain.

As we enjoy this recent victory, one simply has to wonder about what the President’s next outrageous move will be when he does not get his way again. Immigration attorney and immigrant advocate, Glenn Fogle reminds us that, “While many Trump supporters will simply say he’s honoring campaign promises with his constant questionable tactics, one must look closely at how these tactics align with another one of his campaign promises, which was to ‘Make America Great Again.’”  Fogle continues, “From where I sit, America is and continues to be great, however, Trump has been working non-stop to make the country more and more divided and segregated since he won the election.  I cannot understand how under any circumstances demonizing and attacking immigrants and those who seek to help them are benefiting the country whatsoever.”