Sanctuary State OfficialCalifornia Governor Makes “Sanctuary State” Official

By: The Fogle Law Firm

Earlier today California Gov. Jerry Brown made a move that resulted in the creation of yet another tool that can be used to fight President Trump’s war on immigration. The Signing of the “Sanctuary State” legislation extends protections for the immigrants here illegally.

What does this bill actually mean for California and its immigrant community? For starters police will be barred from asking people about their immigration status or participating in immigration enforcement activities beginning January 1st. The law does not stop there—local jail officials only will be allowed to hold inmates for federal immigration authorities if they have been convicted of certain serious crimes.

Top Los Angeles immigration attorney Glenn Fogle has been eagerly awaiting for something helpful to come to the California area. “I’ve currently been restructuring and designing a better way of bringing legal immigration services to the area. This is welcoming news for us at The Fogle Law Firm and fits right into our plans to expand our operations in California where the immigrant community has been under extreme scrutiny and pressure by Trump and his administration as the war on immigration continues.”

Although not completely convincing for all parties paying attention. Acting director for ICE Thomas Homan has condemned the measure, saying California is profiling politics over public safety.

 “I found these comments ironic considering the Trump Administration’s recent move to threaten public safety by blackmailing local law enforcement officials with the threat of withholding community policing funds/grants if they did not help enforce Federal Immigration laws,” said attorney Glenn Fogle.

The bill was the result of long negotiations to strike a balance between keeping the community safe and enforcing federal immigration law, so it does not give safe harbor to all immigrants, as those convicted of a list of certain crimes will still be turned over to federal authorities.