Signals Immigration Trump Administration

Signals on Immigration from Trump Administration

By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Esq., November 22, 2016

Based on those either nominated for cabinet positions or advising the President-Elect on immigration, America looks like it is returning to the post-911 days of paranoia and scapegoating of immigrants—particularly of the Muslim faith.

It appears that Trump advisor, Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State, and author and proponent of many State anti-immigrant laws around the country, which have been declared unconstitutional in part or whole, is promoting his agenda in the ear of the President-Elect of the United States [PEOTUS].  He was seen Monday, November 21, 2016 with Trump holding his plan for America visible for all the world to see.  Folks were able to zoom in on papers visible to the world and read the writing on the cover. (See Bumbling Trump adviser Kris Kobach’s secret plan for America, revealed).  What was on the top sheet was unexpectedly foreboding:  Return of NSEERS, the GW Bush, registry of folks from predominantly Islamic countries; “Extreme Vetting” of visitors and immigrants (especially Muslim) before they can come to the US; blocking all Syrian Refugees from US resettlement; deporting anyone convicted of any criminal law and some even before they are convicted; and, wall building, of course.  There was also something about voter suppression, but that is another topic.

Also, Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, of Alabama is probably the most anti-immigrant Senator in the US Senate or even the whole of Congress.  Sessions called President Obama’s executive actions designed to assist temporary skilled workers’ families in the US “lawless actions” (See Sessions Press Release Jan. 4, 2016) and has campaigned to end skilled worker programs which staff US tech companies and bring jobs and revenue to the United States, despite the fact that the IT Industry has long complained of the lack of IT workers in the country.  He previously was denied a Federal Judgeship in the 1980s for his various expressions of his racial bias against blacks in the workplace, including support for the KKK.  Though he does not make the immigration laws, he can certainly influence interpretation of the immigration laws and regulations and he is in charge of the Executive Office of Immigration Review, which is the Immigration Court System and appellate Board of Immigration Appeals.  The Justice Department also is in charge of representation of the government in enforcing the law and Constitution deciding how and whether to engage in that duty.  The Attorney General is the one that makes such decisions and can significantly shape policy and enforcement of the law.

We cannot see the future, however, based on the signals coming from Trump Tower, things do not look good in the near future for many immigrants and those who desire to immigrate to the United States under a Trump Administration.   There will be many court challenges to the negative changes that will come and many of the proposals will be much harder to implement than talk about.  Despite what happens, the Attorneys and Staff at The Fogle Law Firm, LLC will stand strong for our clients and vigorously pursue the rights of all immigrants under the law and Constitution.