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A Day Without Google?


A Day Without Google? By: Esperanza Cristancho (The Immigration Education Project) On February 16, 2017, a "Day Without Immigrants” was organized in the U.S. through social media as a protest to show Trump and his xenophobic administration the contribution of immigrants to our country and the grave financial consequences that his harsh immigration policies could bring to the economy. Not surprisingly, given the anti-immigrant rhetoric from his campaign and since Trump won the election, the policies and executive orders (EOs) that we have witnessed in the past month, are not just targeted at immigrants who broke the law either because they entered the [...]

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What About Trump’s Wall?


What About Trump's Wall? By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Esq. Donald Trump as the new president, during his first week in office signed an Executive Order supposedly putting into motion the building of his famous “wall” on the US Mexican border. Earlier this week he boasted again that he was going to build his “wall” and he was “not kidding.” Aside from the fact that it is practically impossible to build a continuous wall along the entire terrain of the US border with Mexico, it is going to do little if anything to stop the flow of illegal drugs and/or immigrants into [...]

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