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Metro transit police caught


[cs_content][cs_section parallax="false" separator_top_type="none" separator_top_height="50px" separator_top_angle_point="50" separator_bottom_type="none" separator_bottom_height="50px" separator_bottom_angle_point="50" style="margin: 0px;padding: 45px 0px;"][cs_row inner_container="true" marginless_columns="false" style="margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;"][cs_column fade="false" fade_animation="in" fade_animation_offset="45px" fade_duration="750" type="1/1" style="padding: 0px;"][x_video_embed no_container="false" type="16:9"][/x_video_embed][cs_text class="cs-ta-justify"] An encounter between a Metro Transit police officer and a rider was recorded May 14, 2017, on the Blue Line light rail train in Minneapolis, according to a Facebook post. (Facebook video screengrab) By: The FLF A metro transit police officer in Minneapolis  was caught on tape asking a train passenger for his immigration status. Metro Transit police are conducting an internal investigation into a report of one of their officers asking a [...]

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Trump’s Executive Order Debacle


Trump's Executive Order Debacle By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr. Esq., Principal Member of the Fogle Law Firm, LLC To start with, the United States is bound by the UN Refugee Convention (an international treaty on refugees) which has been ratified by the Senate in accord with the U.S. Constitution as the “supreme law of the land,” as well as our asylum laws (with some limited exceptions), not to send anyone back to their county where they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.  The protection of refugees and those fleeing [...]

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The End of NSEERS


The End of NSEERS By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr, Esq. The week before Christmas, President Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to finally terminate the shuttered “Muslim” registration program known as the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS).  Though not “specifically” directed at Muslims (as that would clearly be unconstitutional), NSEERS required males over 16 years of age from 25 predominantly Muslim countries (excepting North Korea) to register with the government—whether they were already here or upon entry.  The program, developed in 2002 was basically abandoned at the end of 2003, although it was not officially suspended until 2011, due [...]

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What about the Dreamers?


WHAT ABOUT THE DREAMERS? By: H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Esq. After the DREAM Act, which was designed to assist children who were brought by their parents to the United States either without inspection or no longer in status, was defeated in the Senate in late 2010 and early 2011, President Obama issued an executive order known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), designed to assist those individuals who would have benefited from the DREAM Act. DACA placed a group of people who were brought to United States as children and were attending or had graduated from high school in a [...]

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Immigration Makes America Great


Immigration Makes America Great by: H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Esq. The continued arrival of immigrants into the American colonies and later the United States has been a constant since the new world was discovered by the Europeans in the late 1400s. Because of this, our country has brought the best, brightest and most motivated from around the world to contribute to making our country the greatest in the world. There have been times in the past where the established population has tried to keep new immigrants to our country out by either social and societal discrimination or even legal discrimination written [...]

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Signals on Immigration from Trump Administration


Signals on Immigration from Trump Administration By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Esq., November 22, 2016 Based on those either nominated for cabinet positions or advising the President-Elect on immigration, America looks like it is returning to the post-911 days of paranoia and scapegoating of immigrants—particularly of the Muslim faith. It appears that Trump advisor, Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State, and author and proponent of many State anti-immigrant laws around the country, which have been declared unconstitutional in part or whole, is promoting his agenda in the ear of the President-Elect of the United States [PEOTUS].  He was seen Monday, [...]

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Immigration Landscape Under Trump Presidency


Immigration Landscape Under Trump Presidency By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Principal Member of The Fogle Law Firm, LLC We here at The Fogle Law Firm, LLC are still trying to digest the election results and the fact that an individual with no government experience, was elected to the presidency by a minority of the electorate and less than one sixth of the population.  However, at this juncture, there is nothing we can do to change what has happened and we have to deal with the cards that we have been dealt.  Many in the immigrant communities are worried and fearful of [...]

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USCIS Raising Application Filing Fees for the First time in Six years


USCIS Raising Application Filing Fees for the First time in Six years By H. Glenn Fogle, Jr., Principal Member of The Fogle Law Firm, LLC United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the adjudication branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are raising their application fees again, and depending on what type of application you are filing, it may cost you significantly more to file immigration petitions and applications after December 23, 2016. Though some of the fees are only modestly raised, there are substantial increases on a number of the most common applications. For instance: the I-90 Application to [...]

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