Trump Refugee Ban Ends TodayTrump Refugee Ban Ends Today

By: The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

Finally, one of President Trump’s infamous anti-immigration executive orders has come to an end. The particular order to which we are referring, is the refugee ban he signed earlier this year, halting admissions for refugees from all countries minus a few exceptions.

The end of the ban did come with some stipulations. There are much more tougher screening procedures put in place.

Although the details of these tougher procedures that are to include more stringent and thorough examinations of backgrounds for refugees seeking refuge here in the U.S are unclear at this time they are said to be publicly announced shortly according to reports from ABC NEWS.

While we wait to be informed about the details of these new imposed tougher screening procedures, there is no doubt that they will be in line with Trump’s aggressive approach aimed at restricting immigration.

As reported earlier this morning on ABC NEWS, Josh Lederman, of the Associated Press noted that even with the ban lifted, refugee admissions likely be much lower than in recent years. The Trump Administration capped the maximum number of refugee admissions last month at only 45,000 for the fiscal year that started Oct.1, a drastic reduction from the 110,000 limit put in place the year earlier by former President Obama, although only 85,000 refugees were actually admitted to the US under the former president’s last year in office according to the BBC

Top Atlanta immigration attorney and very outspoken advocate for the immigrant community, Glenn Fogle, has mixed feelings about the end of the ban.

“Although the Trump Refugee Ban has come to an end and as of now has no replacement executive order, I am particularly concerned how much more ‘vetting’ can be done with our Refugee Admission Program when we already have the most stringent screening procedures of any refugee program in the world.  Anything stricter, would practically make it nearly impossible to be admitted as a refugee to the US—which may work as a practical violation of our obligations under the UN Refugee Convention.”

He continued, “This is another clear illustration of the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants, under the fake guise of ‘national security’ which merely seeks to restrict and cut immigrants coming to the US rather than fixing our broken immigration laws.”  Fogle further stated, “Our country is built on immigrants and our economy continues to expand because of the continued influx of immigrants, who add to our tax base and are responsible in part for keeping the Social Security system afloat as the number of retirees dramatically increase.”