Trumps Priorities for Immigration ReformTrump’s Priorities for Immigration Reform 

By:  The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

It is  no secret that president Donald Trump has made the bulk of his presidency about keeping his campaign promise of restricting immigration to America. His Administration’s last move against immigration was ending the DACA program.

The DACA program was brought about during the Obama administration as an answer to help the children who were brought here illegally by their parents. President Obama and his administration felt the need to protect these children by all means. Because an indecisive Congress failed enact bipartisan immigration reform legislation and separately failed to make the DACA program law, president Obama bypassed Congress and unilaterally granted a “deferred action” legal status and work permits to a large number of people who were brought to this country illegally by their parents when they were children.

After the President’s lap dog Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA last month, president Trump proceeded to tell Congress they have 6 months to find another solution for the innocent children brought here who were previously covered under the Obama sanctioned DACA program. Unfortunately Congress is not moving fast enough with a solution because now Trump has started to lay out his own priorities that he wants to see happen pertaining to immigration reform.

Trump’s proposals pretty much outline his promises that were made during his campaign run. Securing our borders, deporting all undocumented, “protecting” the wages of working Americans and preserving the “rule of law.”

Top Los Angeles immigration attorney Glenn Fogle having recently dealt with the surge in immigration raids targeting sanctuary cities the pass few weeks feels the administration is positioning the immigration system towards creating more problems rather than solutions.

“Although I too believe in a fair system for this country and how we deal with welcoming immigrants, I also think to focus on placing the criteria that restricts immigrants’ family will ultimately begin to affect those very immigrants we grant citizenship too. Who would want to seek out the privileges the United States has to offer while leaving there families behind? Is that what we stand for in America?,” said Glenn Fogle.

Many believe as Fogle does. They want to see a fair solution but not at the cost of creating more potential even more serious issues that could ultimately negatively impact the country in the long run.

The President and his arrogance would have us believe that if we do not go along with his proposal we are somehow not wanting to find a true solution to the new open issue of what happens now with those who use to be protected under the DACA program. There always seems to be some form of threat or ultimatum in how president Donald Trump approaches his tasks and/or issues.